north portland montessori school
creating lifelong learners
As of May 2019, we still have a couple spots for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. See contact page for more information.

North Portland Montessori School is a state certified family child care located in a house in the Piedmont neighborhood, blocks away from Peninsula Park and the Rose Garden.  Our small preschool is dedicated to creating confident, peaceful, and independent young people.  We approach every child with fresh eyes each day and allow for hands-on learning opportunities through a carefully prepared environment and beautiful Montessori materials.  

Our school is in a lovely home with hardwood floors and plenty of natural light.  The entire upstairs is dedicated to our school making it a true "Children's House".  Our enrollment is limited to 15 children and 2 adults to provide a perfect transition between home and school.

Every day, we are learning more about brain development and the importance of the early years of development in a child's success.  We work with families to help build the intellectual, emotional, and social skills your child needs to become a lifelong learner.  

Each day at North Portland Montessori your child has the opportunity for:
~individual lessons
~group lessons
~time with our beautiful Montessori materials
~a healthy snack
~songs and stories
~social time with others
~playtime outside rain or shine
~large movement (running, jumping, skipping)
~opportunities to solve problems independently
~art and expression projects
~free choice and creative play