What is Montessori?  

The name "Montessori" refers to Maria Montessori, the first woman to graduate from the medical school of the University of Rome in 1896.  She observed universal traits and tendencies in children and noted their intense desire to learn.  Her approach to education was developed based on her observations in collaboration with her background in psychology and her belief in educating children as a means to create a better society.  The approach offers a broad vision of education as an aid to life.  

Are all Montessori schools alike?

Unfortunately, no.  Montessori's work spread so quickly and with such success that the name "Montessori" became part of the public domain.  There are dramatic differences in teacher trainings, school standards, and adherence to the Montessori philosophy which all affect the quality and spirit of a Montessori school.   Anyone can say they practice "Montessori".  We recommend taking the time to observe in a classroom to see for yourself.

Maria Montessori founded AMI (Association of Montessori Internationale) in order to protect the integrity of her work.  Jessie is one of many who have completed an intensive year of teacher training, observations, and practice teaching to become an AMI trained guide.  

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